Trash Fence Dining - Playa Dining In Style
Playa Dining in Style

Trash Fence Dining offers excellent and varied Lunch & Dinner cuisine. Walk along the signature Orange Fence and get ready for an evening of exceptional food and outstanding service.  You can experience not only the breathtaking sights & sounds of Black Rock City, but also enjoy a fantastic meal and entertainment. You haven’t experienced the Trash Fence until you’ve seen it from the tables of Trash Fence Dining.

Begin your meal with our delicious homemade soup. Entrees include steaks, chicken, shrimp, fish and pasta. Top off your meal with a bottle of wine from our aged wine cellar.  Enjoy our jam-packed lunch faire and bottomless coffee, Trash Fence Dining has something for everyone.

If you love steak, the kind you only see in commercials selling steak sauce, this is the place for you. But you won't need the sauce because these thick juicy steaks are too good by themselves.

Trash Fence Dining is widely known for it’s award-winning chefs and delicious food.  There’s no better way to experience eating on the Playa. Indulge yourself & your guests. We can accommodate private parties up to 80 people.  Looking for the perfect Playa-Gift, Trash Fence Dining's Gift-Card is always a a good choice. 

For customer Gern Blanston, the cuisine at Trash Fence Dining, the Playa's newest fine-dining establishment couldn't have been more satisfying. "There hasn't been an entree I didn't enjoy," said Mr. Blanston, who works with The Burning Man Project year-round.

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  Hours of Operation:    
  Sunday August 24 - Monday September 1    
  Lunch - 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.    
  Dinner - 5:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.    

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